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     Treatments and Prices


REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT - Working over reflex points in the feet to rebalance, detox and aid the bodys natural healing processes, this fascinating therapy will lift your spirits and leave you in a state of deep relaxation. For optimum benefit, a course of 6 treatments is recommended.

Price: 1st treatment £35 1 hour subsequent treatments £30 (full consultation included on first visit)

Book a course of 6 treatments for £165

REFLEXOLOGY TASTER TREATMENT - A shorter treatment and a great addition to the end of a massage treatment.

Price: £20 30 mins

DEEP TISSUE/SPORTS MASSAGE -  Applying pressure to the deeper layers of muscle this massage can target 'trouble areas' of specific tension to help release painful knots and tight points. May include, back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs depending on required treatment time

Price: £20 30 MINS £30 1hour

AROMATHERAPY BACK, NECK, SHOULDER AND SCALP MASSAGE - Using essential oils and concentrating on areas of tension in the upper body, this treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and loosened.

Price £25.00 for 30 mins (Monthly massage only £23.00 or £20 without essential oils)

AROMATHERAPY FULL BODY MASSAGE (Back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, abdomen, arms, hands and scalp) - A blend of essential oils tailored to your individual needs combined with a relaxing and invigorating massage - top to toe bliss.....

Price £35 1 hour (add a mini facial massage for £5 extra) monthly massage only £30

HOT STONE BACK MASSAGE  - Back, neck and shoulders. The heat from the stones penetrated deep into the muscles allowing deep relaxation and relief from muscle tension in the upper body.

Price £25 for 30 minutes

HOT STONES FULL BODY MASSAGE - Back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and hands. Immerse yourself in total relaxation with this top to toe treat.

Price £40 for an hour

ULTIMATE BACK MASSAGE - Using the healing properties of essential oils along with the heat of hot stones, combined with some deep tissue work around the shoulders and lower back......the ultimate in tension relief!

Price £30 for 40 minutes

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - Massage of the neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and face with a unique blend of aromatherapy oils; this ancient therapy will loosen upper body tension and clear your much more than a head massage!

Price £25 for 30mins

AROMATHERAPY MINI FACIAL WITH SCALP MASSAGE - Following a skin consultation a selection of oils to suit your skin type will be gently massaged into the decolette, face, neck and scalp, finished with an invigorating scalp massage, soooo relaxing....

Price £20 25 mins  

FOOT, ANKLE AND HAND MASSAGE - A relaxing massage with a choice of oils and lotions to calm or energise

Price £20 30mins

PEPPERMINT FOOT SOOTHING TREATMENT - A blissful massage and exfoliation using Peppermint essential oils will revive and refresh tired feet and leave you with a spring in your step!

£20 25mins

EXFOLIATING SALT SCRUB -  Add a glow to your skin with this nourishing exfoliation treatment.

Price £22 25mins (or only £12 when added to a full body massage)

PREGNANCY PAMPER PACKAGE - A fantastic treat or gift for mums to be! (must be over 12 weeks pregnant)

This package includes Reflexology, foot and hand massage, mini facial and scalp massage

£40 for 75 mins






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Reflexology and Massage Therapy