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Aromatherapy Massage is exactly what the name implies. It is massage with aroma (essential oils). The essential oils are selected by the therapist based on the type of treatment you want and the information given in your consultation such as your skin type, medical history, health condition etc. The oils are absorbed into the body and enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The massage often brings a state of deep relaxation along with the inhalation of the scents from the essential oils which combined bring a sense of well being.

Essential oils have different properties and may provide relief from a number of symptoms such as:

* muscular pain/tension (e.g back, neck, shoulders)

* digestive problems

* stress

* anxiety

* depression

* skin care

* circulation problems

* fatigue

* headaches/migraines

* hormonal problems

* sleep problems


As massage releases toxins back into the system it is important to drink plenty of water following a treatment to aid the process of elimination. It is also important to rest and relax after a treatment and note any changes or reactions experienced before coming for your next treatment.



This is a  firmer treatment aimed for people requiring a massage which gets to work on the deeper layer of muscles for more chronic muscle tension. Not just for people who are in sports; many people who suffer with tight muscles and knots or ongoing back, neck or shoulder issues benefit from a regular sports massage. If you would like more information please feel free to have a chat with Simon.




Sarah Murray is a qualified Baby Massage Instructor and provides baby massage classes throughout Pontypridd and surrounding areas for more information please click on the following link:



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